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Keeping Retail Relevant

Knowledge in Retail Real Estate and Brokerage - Bob Young

What to Know When Developing Workforce Housing - Scott Choppin

Building an Investment and Development Company - Chris Powers

Understanding Leases, Negotiating Purchase Agreements and Structuring Partnerships - Jeff Love

What to Look Out for When Developing Retail Commercial Real Estate - Adam Frank

Single Tenant Net Lease Investments – COVID-19 and More

Jillian Sidoti – Navigating the Legalities and Operations of Raising Capital for a Commercial Real Estate Fund

Tactical and Strategic Negotiation in Commercial Real Estate – Mark Raffan

Using a Digital Platform to Raise Capital in CRE – Dr. Adam Goward

5 Point Proven Method For Raising Capital for Real Estate – Hunter Thompson – Asym Capital

Making it in CRE Development: John McNellis

The Data Behind Covid 19 and the Effect on Commercial Real Estate – Neal Bawa – Grocapitus

Covid 19 – The Impact on Commercial Real Estate – Spencer Levy

$1.3 Billion in Assets Under Ownership and Management – Brian Watson

Intro Into Commercial Finance – Jordan Herrington – BOKF

Rod Santomassimo – The Massimo Group

Becky Torres – A Legal Perspective on How to Protect Yourself and Negotiate in Commercial Real Estate!

Dave Campbell – How Infrastructure, Autonomous Vehicles and Drones Factor into City Planning!

LAURA MATHIS – How To Communicate Effectively and Efficiently as a CRE Professional!

BETH AZOR – How to Effectively Prospect and Utilize Social Media to Fill Vacancy and Build a Brand!

STEVE MAESTAS – How to Overcome Fear in Life and Commercial Real Estate

CLAYTON KING I CRE Project Host I Dad I Broker

JOSH SKARSGARD – Having the Huevos to Develop Retail Real Estate!

MATT DIGREGORY – Navigating Real Estate as a Restaurateur

ANTHONY JOHNSON – An Expert Opinion on The Evolution of Retail Real Estate

GANNON COFFMAN – A CRE Project Host, Dynamic Broker, and Awesome Father

BRAD ALLEN AND LANCE SIGMON – Understanding Partnerships, Syndication and What It Takes to Make it In Commercial Development

Keeping Retail Relevant

EDUCATION – The Fundamentals of a Retail Property

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